GB2 Golden Achor

By December 23, 2016Golden Anchor

Golden Anchor

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GB2 Golden Achor

A 3 bedroom Atlas Florida, 2001 model. The caravan sleeps a maximum of 8 people with a double bedroom, 2 twin bedrooms and a double pull out in the lounge. To the side of the caravan is a veranda with patio furniture and a hard standing parking space is provided at the rear of the caravan. Situated on the Dunes area this caravan is approximately 3 minute walk to Butlins main resort.


The lounge incorporates wrap around seating, a feature fireplace with gas fire and a wrap around dining area for your family meals.


The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need for your family holiday including gas cooker, cutlery, crockery, microwave, fridge, kettle, toaster and cooking utensils.


The master bedroom is spacious and with a triple wardrobe, dressing table with cupboards and draws and a bedside cabinet there is plenty of storage space.

The first twin bedroom comes complete with two single beds, a single wardrobe and a bedside cabinet.

The second twin bedroom contains bunk beds with a built in wardrobe and cupboard, ideal for the children.

Two oil free radiators are supplied to heat the bedrooms.


The bathroom contains a shower, sink with vanity unit and toilet.


For your safety the caravan is fitted with a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher.

Extra’s Included

  • Iron/ironing board
  • 32″ freeview tv with freeview
  • DVD player
  • Playstation 2
  • Hairdryer
  • DAB radio and docking station
  • Travel cot
Check In DateNightDurationPriceStatus
Fri 21st April3Fri to Mon£120Available
Mon 24th April4Mon to Fri£150Available
Fri 28th April3Fri to Mon£150Booked
Mon 1st May4Mon to Fri£180Available
Fri 4th May3Fri to Mon£180Available
Mon 7th May4Mon to Fri£200Available
Fri 12th May3Fri to Mon£170Available
Mon 15th May4Mon to Fri£190Available
Fri 19th May3Fri to Mon£170Available
Mon 22nd May4Mon to Fri£190Available
Fri 26th May3Fri to Mon£180Available
Fri 26th May7Fri to Fri£325Available
Mon 29th May4Mon to Fri£225Available
Fri 2nd June3Fri to Mon£170Available
Mon 5th June4Mon to Fri£190Available
Fri 9th June3Fri to Mon£170Available
Mon 12th June4Mon to Fri£190Available
Fri 16th June3Fri to Mon£170Available
Mon 19th June4Mon to Fri£190Available
Fri 23rd June3Fri to Mon £170Available
Mon 26th June4Mon to Fri£190Available
Fri 30th June3Fri to Mon£170Available
Mon 3rd July4Mon to Fri£190Available
Fri 7th July3Fri to Mon£170Available
Mon 10th July4Mon to Fri£130Available
Fri 14th july3Fri to Mon£130Available
Mon 17th July4Mon to Fri£240Available
Sat 22nd July7Sat to Sat£450Booked
Sat 29th July7Sat to Sat£450Available
Sat 5th Aug7Sat to Sat£450Booked
Sat 12th Aug2Sat to Mon£120Available
Mon 14th Aug4Mon to Fri£250Booked
Fri 18th Aug7Fri to Fri£450Booked
Fri 25th Aug3Fri to Mon£250Available
Mon 28th Aug4Mon to Fri£250Available
Fri 1st Sept3Fri to Mon£200Available
Mon 4th Sept4Mon to Fri£200Pending
Fri 8 Sept3Fri to Mon£170Available
Mon 11th Sept4Mon to Fri£190Available
Fri 15th Sept3Fri to Mon£150Available
Mon 18th Sept4Mon to Fri£170Available
Fri 22nd Sept3Fri to 'Mon£150Available
Mon 25th Sept4Mon to Fri£170Available
Fri 29th Sept3Fri to Mon £150Available
Mon 2nd Oct4Mon to Fri£170Available
Fri 6th Oct3Fri to Mon£150Available
Mon 9th Oct4Mon to Fri£170Available
Fri 13th Oct3Fri to Mon£150Available
Mon 16th Oct4Mon to Fri£170Available
Fri 20th Oct3Fri to Mon£150Available
Mon 23rd Oct4Mon to Fri£250Available
Fri 27th Oct3Fri to Mon£150Available
Mon 30th Oct4Mon to Fri£200Available
Fri 1st March 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 1st March 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 2nd March 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 4th March 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 4th March 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 8th March 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 8th March 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 9th March 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 11th March 20197Mon-Mon
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Mon 18th March 20194Mon-Fri
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Fri 29th March 20194Fri-Mon
Sat 30th March 20197Sat-Sat
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Fri 3rd May 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 3rd May 20193Fri-Mon
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Mon 6th May 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 10th May 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 10th May 20193Fri-Mon
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Mon 13th May 20194Mon-Fri
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Mon 20th May 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 24th May 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 24th May 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 25th May 20197Sat-Sat
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Fri 31st May 20197Fri-Fri
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Sat 1st June 20197Sat-Sat
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Fri 19th July 20197Fri-Fri
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Mon 22nd July 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 22nd July 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 26th July 20197Fri-Fri
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Sat 27th July 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 29th July 20197Mon-Mon
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Fri 2nd August 20197Fri-Fri
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