Terms & Conditions

  1. For Butlins we are unable to accept bookings from:-
  2. a) Groups of persons of all one sex under 25 years of age with the exception of adult weekends.
  3. b) Groups under 20 years of age. These are Butlins rules, not the caravan owners and must be adhered to.

For Flamingo Land we are unable to accept bookings from:-

  1. a) Under 25’s
  2. b) No more than 4 Adults per caravan & they must have children. These are Flamingo Lands rules, not the caravan owners and must be adhered to.
  3. All destinations are family holiday parks and anyone whose unreasonable conduct causes a nuisance may be asked to leave, forfeiting the rest of their holiday.3. Pets are not allowed to stay in the caravans, except in our Sunny Ridge, Golden Anchor Y36, Millfields, Peacehaven and Romany Caravan Park caravans. Number 46 Romany Caravan Park is not pet friendly.4. No smoking is allowed in the caravanPLEASE NOTE IF YOU SMOKE IN THE CARAVAN YOU WILL BE CHARGED £150 DEEP CLEAN CHARGE

    5. Any changes to the advertised entertainment or facilities at the camps are beyond our control and we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for this.

    6. We the owners of Caravan Bargain Breaks can accept NO liability for any loss or damage to cars, belongings or personal injury occurring whilst staying in our caravans, and we recommend that you purchase some form of holiday insurance if you require it, as there is no insurance included in the price of your holiday.

    7. For Butlins holidays, the price of your holiday includes passes into Butlins complex, details of passes and how to collect the keys will be sent to you on receipt of the final full amount. Flamingo Land Passes are NOT included in the price & are available via Flamingo Land Theme Park.




  • Up to 8 weeks from holiday commencement date – deposit only.
  • 6-8 weeks from holiday commencement date – deposit plus 25% of total holiday costs.
  • 4-6 weeks from holiday commencement date – deposit plus 50% of total holiday costs.
  • 3-4 weeks from holiday commencement date – deposit plus 75% of total holiday costs.
  • 0-3 weeks from holiday commencement date – 100% of total holiday costs.
  1. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, dvd players, play stations, free view boxes, boilers, microwaves and freezers etc. We cannot be held responsible should one of these items not work or breakdown but we will do our best to repair or replace the item as soon as possible. The conditions of these items are based on the usage of paying guests & it is the guest’s responsibility to leave clean and tidy. Every effort will be made to repair any equipment that is faulty or stopped working, we cannot make any refunds for items not working.
  2. The FULL amount of your holiday must be paid at least 8 WEEKS before your holiday start date Should you book your holiday 8 weeks or less before the start date, the full amount will be due immediately Please note a reminder will not be issued for this payment. We ask for a non-refundable deposit for your let and no dates are secure without a deposit been paid. The deposit needs to be paid and the final balance by the specified dates we ask. If the final payments for either are not paid by these dates we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and to re-let your caravan with no refund.11. Please ensure that you complete our Caravan Bargain Breaks booking form accurately, (Butlins, Skegness Caravan Village charge for alterations and late submission of booking forms). Failure to do so could result in you forfeiting your holiday or additional charges levied by Butlins. Any changes made to your booking after it has been passed to Butlins will incur an amendment fee of £25 from Butlins. No changes can be made within 14 days of your arrival. Bookings taken less than 14 days of arrival will incur a late booking fee of £15. If the guests on the booking form alter from the guests staying in the caravan, we reserve the right to terminate your booking and no refund will be given. If extra guests arrive at check in at Flamingo Land and they are not on the booking form, a £25 administration fee will be payable before guests are accepted. This is payable to Caravan Bargain Breaks.12. The caravan must be left in a clean and tidy condition. The hirer is responsible for all members of the party and must make good any losses, breakage, or damage done to the caravan or its contents during their stay.

    13. In order for the caravan to be cleaned and checked, departures must be made before 10am on the day of departure and no keys will be released before 4pm on the day of arrival without prior arrangement with the caravan owner. Should you require a later check out, please speak to us and we will do our best to accommodate. Any guests departing later than 10am risk forfeiting their bond.

    14. An Additional £50/£100 for adult weekends (but not limited to) will be billed to the hirer of the caravan to cover any breakages and or damage. You must report any damage or anything unsatisfactory to Caravan Bargain Breaks or site reception upon your arrival after this time the responsibility of any damages will be yours (if breakages and or damage that have happened during your stay are not reported to Caravan Bargain Breaks before you vacate the caravan additional charges may also be levied). You must leave the caravan clean & tidy, your bond will be returned after the caravan’s contents have been checked for damage and the caravan has been left clean & tidy.

    15. Should accommodation booked become unavailable we will offer a full refund.

    16. In the case of any dispute our decision is final.

  3. The keys for the caravan are your responsibility while you are staying, so if you lose the keys there will be no bond refund.
  4. The keys for the caravan are your responsibility while you are staying, so if you lose the keys there will be no bond refund.18. Privacy Statement: We do not store your financial details (credit or debit card numbers] in any format. We will not sell or use your details other than to inform you about Caravan Bargain Breaks.19. For group bookings on any park, should any instances occur where you are asked to leave the site, all the party will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.
  1. If security or the police are called out to the caravan we reserve to right to terminate your booking immediately and no refund will be given. We ask all our guests to respect that all our caravans are on family parks and we will not tolerate any upset to other caravans.
  2. Parents/Guardians have the responsibility of supervising their children at all times to ensure the safety of their children whilst in the caravan. It is also the responsibility of the parents/guardians to inform reception/Caravan Bargain Breaks upon arrival of any dangers in the caravan specific to their children that may need attention.

22. All beds have waterproof coverings, which must not be removed at any time. Any mattresses soiled or damaged by removing these covers will have to be replaced using your security deposit.

  • Bed linen is provided on all bookings, and must not be used. Should any quilts be soiled or damaged, the cost of replacements will be deducted from your bond. Pillow protectors are also provided and must not be removed. Any marks or stains on the protectors, which need to be replaced, will be deducted from the bond.
  • Gas and electric is included in the total cost of your holiday, we do however have a fair use policy with gas bottles. Should the gas bottle run out during your stay we would replace it ASAP. However should you use the full replacement bottle during your stay we will not replace it unless there is a fault with the fittings. Gas fires should not be left on overnight, or when the caravan is not attended.
  • Pets are welcome at 2 of our caravans at Golden Anchor, Sunny Ridge and in 2 of our caravans at Romany Caravan Park, Millfileds and Peacehaven are also pet friendly. We ask that you keep your pets off the furniture and beds. If you know they are going to climb up, please take a throw. Any damage caused by pets will result in your bond been forfeited. No pets are to be left unattended in the caravans. Please keep dogs on a lead at all times whilst on the parks and please clean up after them. We do have caravans, which are not pet friendly too.
  • Drugs MUST not be taken in any of the caravans. Any evidence of any kind of drugs been taken in the caravans will result in the bond been forfeited as the caravan will be deep cleaned, this information and evidence will also be passed onto the police. Please respect children stay in my caravans too!
  • Refunds are not given on your personal opinion of the caravan. If you do not like the colour of the wallpaper or carpets etc. a full refund is not warranted and will not be given. If you don’t like the caravan and wish to leave early, this is your choice and only the bond will be returned. This also applies to the caravan park.
  • Caravan Bargain Breaks cannot be held responsible for any issues, which are beyond our control. If there are any issues with the site, please notify us and we will try our best to help. Please note, on changeover days the bins do get full, on all parks. This is not something we can control, as it’s the sites responsibility to arrange for them to be emptied. Barking dogs are not something we can control either. We expect owners to be considerate and not allow their dogs to continually bark. Car Parking is provided, but should someone be parked in your space this in beyond our control. We ask all guests to be considerate when parking.
  • Not all caravan parks are grassed some are concrete. If this is a problem, please contact us for details on the parks so we can help with your needs.
  • We have some pet friendly caravans, which do not have verandas. Should you need a veranda, please ensure you book a caravan that has one as no refund will be given if you chose the wrong caravan.
  • The maximum number of guests should not be exceeded at any one time. If the caravan is a 6 berth, then only 6 people are permitted in the caravan due to insurance purposes and the strength of the caravan. If it’s an 8 berth, 8 people and so on. Should you exceed the maximum occupancy you risk your booking been terminated and no refund will be given.
  • Not all of our caravans are new ones, we do have older ones too which are still well maintained and are priced accordingly. If you are unsure on which caravan you are booking please ask as no refund will be given if you have booked an older caravan but want a new one.
  • Only guests staying at Butlins get wristbands to use the facilities. Under no circumstances guests staying on other caravan parks do not get access onto Butlins.
  • By booking and paying for your holiday you are accepting the terms and conditions listed above.