Y36 Golden Anchor

By March 18, 2016Golden Anchor

Golden Anchor

Price Range: £80 to £350 | Sleeps: 6

Y36 Golden Anchor

This 6 berth caravan, consists of a living room with wrap around seating and a tub style arm chair. Under the seating is a double pull out bed. The dining table and chairs fit lovely in the corner, at the side of the kitchen.

Twin bedroom comprises of the beds and a built in wardrobe.

The master bedroom has a double bed, built in wardrobe and cupboard space above the bed.

The bathroom has a climb in shower, which also doubles as a small bath which is ideal for small children. The bathroom also has a wash basin and toilet.

To the outside, there is decking all the way down the side of the caravan, ideal for sitting out on summer days.

Check In DateNightDurationPriceStatus
Fri 9th March3Fri-Mon£150Available
Mon 12th March 20184Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 16th March3Fri-Mon£150Available
Mon 19th March4Mon-Fri£170Available
Sat 24th March 7 Sat to Sat£225Booked
Sat 31st March7 Sat to Sat£225Available
Mon 2nd April4Mon-Fri£175Available
Fri 6th April3Fri-Mon£150Available
Fri 6th April7Fri-Fri£275Available
Mon 9th April4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 13th April3Fri-Mon£150Available
Mon 16th April4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 20th April3Fri-Mon£150Available
Mon 23rd April4Mon-Fri£200Available
Fri 27th April3Fri-Mon£170Available
Mon 30th April4Mon-Fri£200Available
Fri 4th May3Fri-Mon£180Available
Mon 7th May4Mon-Fri£180Available
Fri 11th May3Fri-Mon£150Available
Mon 14th May4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 18th May3Fri-Mon£150Available
Fri 18th May7Fri-Fri£200Available
Mon 21st May4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 25th May3Fri-Mon£180Available
Fri 25th May7Fri-Fri£300Available
Mon 28th May4Mon-Fri£175Available
Fri 1st June3Fri-Mon£120Booked
Mon 4th June4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 8th June3Fri-Mon£150Available
Fri 8th June 7Fri-Fri£250Available
Mon 11th June4Mon-Fr£140Available
Fri 15th June3Fri-Mon£140Available
Fri 15th June 7 Fri-Fri£250Available
Mon 18th June4Mon-Fri£140Available
Fri 22nd June3Fri-Mon£140Available
Fri 22nd June 7 Fri-Fri£250Available
Mon 25th June4Mon-Fri£140Available
Fri 29th June3Fri-Mon£140Available
Fri 29th June 7Fri-Fri£280Available
Mon 2nd July4Mon-Fri£160Avaiable
Fri 6th July3Fri-Mon£150Available
Fri 6th July 7Fri-Fri£300Available
Mon 9thJuly4Mon-Fri£200Available
Fri 13th July3Fri-Mon£150Available
Fri 13th July 7Fri-Fri£320Available
Mon 16th July4Mon-Fri£200Available
Fri 20th July3Fri-Mon£200Available
Fri 20th July 7Fri-Fri£400Available
Mon 23rd July4Mon-Fri£225Available
Fri 27th July3Fri-Mon£200Available
Fri 27th July 7Fri-Fri£400Available
Mon 30th July4Mon-Fri£225Available
Fri 3rd August3Fri-Mon£200Available
Fri 3rd August 7Fri-Fri£400Available
Mon 6th August4Mon-Fri£225Available
Fri 10th August3Fri-Mon£200Available
Mon 13th August4Mon-Fri£225Available
Fri 17th August3Fri-Mon£200Available
Fri 17th August 7Fri-Fri£400Availabla
Mon 20th August4Mon-Fri£225Available
Fri 24th August 4Fri-Tues£225Booked
Tues 28th August3Tues-Fri£150Available
Fri 31st August3Fri-Mon£190Available
Mon 3rd September4Mon-Fri£190Available
Fri 7th September3Fri-Mon£170Available
Mon 10th September4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 14th September3Fri-Mon£150Available
Mon 17th September4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 21st September3Fri-Mon£150Available
Mon 24th September4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 28th September3Fri-Mon£170Available
Mon 1st October4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 5th October3Fri-Mon£180Available
Mon 8th October4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 12th October3Fri-Mon£180Available
Mon 15th October4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 19th September3Fri-Mon£180Available
Fri 19th October 7Fri-Fri£200Available
Mon 22nd October4Mon-Fri£170Available
Fri 26th October3Fri-Mon£200Available
Fri 1st March 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 1st March 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 2nd March 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 4th March 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 4th March 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 8th March 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 8th March 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 9th March 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 11th March 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 11th March 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 15th March 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 15th March 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 16th March 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 18th March 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 18th March 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 22nd March 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 22nd March 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 23rd March 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 25th March 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 25th March 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 29th March 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 29th March 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 30th March 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 1st April 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 1st April 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 5th April 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 5th April 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 6th April 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 8th April 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 8th April 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 12th April 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 12th April 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 13th April 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 15th April 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 15th April 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 19th April 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 19th April 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 20th April 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 22nd April 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 22nd April 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 26th April 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 26th April 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 27th April 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 29th April 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 29th April 20194Mon -Fri
Fri 3rd May 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 3rd May 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 4th May 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 6th May 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 6th May 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 10th May 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 10th May 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 11th May 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 13th May 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 13th May 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 17th May 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 17th May 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 18th May 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 20th May 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 20th May 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 24th May 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 24th May 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 25th May 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 27th May 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 27th May 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 31st May 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 31st May 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 1st June 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 3rd June 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 3rd June 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 7th June 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 7th June 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 8th June 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 10th June 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 10th June 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 14th June 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 14th June 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 15th June 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 17th June 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 17th June 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 21st June 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 21st June 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 22nd June 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 24th June 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 24th June 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 28th June 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 28th June 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 29th June 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 1st July 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 1st July 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 5th July 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 5th July 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 6th July 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 8th July 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 8th July 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 12th July 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 12th July 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 13th July 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 15th July 2019 7Mon-Mon
Mon 15th July 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 19th July 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 19th July 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 20th July 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 22nd July 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 22nd July 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 26th July 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 26th July 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 27th July 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 29th July 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 29th July 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 2nd August 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 2nd August 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 3rd August 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 5th August 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 5th August 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 9th August 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 9th August 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 10th August 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 12th August 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 12th August 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 16th August 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 16th August 2019 3Fri-Mon
Sat 17th August 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 19th August 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 19th August 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 23rd August 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 23rd August 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 24th August 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 26th August 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 26th August 2019 4Mon-Fri
Fri 30th August 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 30th August 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 31st August 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 2nd September 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 2nd September 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 6th September 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 6th September 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 7th September 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 9th September 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 9th September 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 13th September 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 13th September 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 14th September 20197Sat-Sat
Mon16th September 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 16th September 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 20th September 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 20th September 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 21st September 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 23rd September 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 23rd September 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 27th September 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 27th September 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 28th September 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 30th September 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 30th September 20194Mon-Fri
Friday 4th October 20197Fri-Fri
Friday 4th October 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 5th October 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 7th October 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 7th October 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 11th October 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 11th October 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 12th October 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 14th October 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 14th October 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 18th October 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 18th October 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 19th October 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 21st October 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 21st October 20194Mon-Fri
Fri 25th October 20197Fri-Fri
Fri 25th October 20193Fri-Mon
Sat 26th October 20197Sat-Sat
Mon 28th October 20197Mon-Mon
Mon 28th October 20194Mon-Fri